What is RedSoxBox ?

  RedSoxBox is an entirely personally reviewed web directory. The goal of the project is to find web sites with the most useful and accurate information that helps the Internet users to find what they are looking for as quick as possible. The site consists many directories which incorporate useful sources of information on particular topics.

Do I suggest my site to be listed and how ?

  All site owners can suggest their site to be included in the Web directory RedSoxBox. All sites which comply with the Regulation may be suggested through the section Form for suggest a site. First you have to fill out the form. In 3 days term we will consider the suggested website and we will send you an answer if it will be included in our directory.

May I specify the directory and the title of the link leads to my site ?

  You can specify a directory or subdirectory (specific topic) where to put a link of your site, but we reserve the rights to change them if they are not completely correct (It will be used in extreme cases of complete mismatch). We will put the title of the link leading to your site which the most concise and accurate will show of visitors what they can find on your site. You can also select the Home page (www.redsoxbox.com) as a place to paste the link. For this purpose of "Category" write "Front page".

What sites will be approved ?

  The most important criteria a site to be included is the QUALITY of content on your site. All sites which are complied with the Regulation will be approved. The site information should be useful, not misleading and correct.

Is it paid service ?

  Inclusion of your website in the web directory is a paid service and you can select the term - 1 year or Lifetime. The payment for services are performed via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American express. Information about payments and terms you can find here.

Are there additional opportunities to advertise ?

  Web navigator RedSoxBox offers many opportunities for banner advertising. You can choose to put your banner in one, several or all categories. Please see the section Advertising for more information. If you have questions please Contact Us.