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Guidelines for submission

  Web directory RedSoxBox is an entirely personally reviewed virtual library of Internet resources. Site owners and Web administrators can submit their sites to our web directory in order to give their site more exposure which will help increasing the visitors to their websites. You can submit your site in our internet web directory in the category which your site belongs. The most important criteria, the site to be included is the QUALITY of content on your site. Please read the regulation before offering website. If you have further questions please contact us.


  • Site must be in English language or with an available English version.
  • We reserve the right to choose the appropriate category and subcategory in the event that they are not as accurate (It will be used in extreme cases of complete mismatch).
  • Sites which have changed the root content in the paid period will be reviewed by us and placed in the appropriate category or subcategory (It will be used in extreme cases of complete mismatch).
  • SITES WITH ADULT RELATED CONTENT, MATERIAL THAT INFRINGES ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT, COPYRIGHT DESTRUCTION, RACISM, FRAUD, PORNOGRAPHY, VIOLENCE, VULGARITY, SITES CONTAINING RACIAL INTOLERANCE AND SITES WHICH VIOLATING THE LAWS IN CANADA WILL BE DENIED AND REMOVED. The fee paid will be refunded. The owners of web directory RedSoxBox are not responsible if such content appeared on sites once they have been approved. If you find a site included in the catalog with similar content please contact us and we will take appropriate measures.
  • In case, the site is included in a web directory and if it changes its content with information that isn't allowed above, we reserve the rights to remove the site from the web directory without to pay back the received amount.
  • Please do not submit sites that are incomplete or under construction.

Instructions for filling in the Form For Suggest A Site

  • Section “URL” – fill out the address of the URL where user goes after clicking on the link located on our directory. The URL address can lead to Home page of the site or to a particular section in it.
  • Section “Category” – specify where to appear that link. You can choose directory (e.g. Directory Shopping) or specific topic from it (e.g. Online shopping). For a better understanding of available directories and the topics included in, you can come into any of the following sections: Alphabetic catalog, Thematic catalog or Sitemap.
    At your convenience, after you start typing in the box it appears assumptions of the available directories and topics. To insert the link on the Home page of the site ( write "Front page".

Payment and terms

  • ONLY WEBSITES THAT HAVE PAID A FEE WILL BE INCLUDED. Websites that have not paid will not be considered!
  • Website links will be with " DoFollow" (HTML Attribute)
  • Method of payment: PayPal (recipient:
  • Fees:
    • Lifetime - $15,00
    • Front page - Lifetime - $25,00

Form for suggest a site

Start typing and you will see suggestions. E.g. "Front page - Shopping" or "e-Books"
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